The #1 word women used to describe themselves is TIRED. 

In just 3 weeks we can change that. 

This is nothing to add to your every growing to-do list. In fact, you will learn how to infuse meditation and mindfulness into your already busy day. 

You will let go of any misconceptions you have about meditation. There are no set rules, expectations or judgements. You will be given different tools, tips and strategies and you will choose what works for YOU.

Are you ready to feel energized? Inspired? Vibrant? Joyful? 

3 weeks. 15 minutes. Less stress. More you. That's our promise. 

Week 1: Letting go of expectations

Week 2: Letting go of tension

Week 3: Letting go of thoughts

Each week you will have access to a video, a mini e-book, 15 minutes of "homework" and an email to check in on your progress and motivate you! 

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Amy Dornbrack
Amy Dornbrack
Meditation & Mindfulness Facilitator

About the instructor

Amy is a Meditation, Mindfulness & Self Care Expert! She is a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur and a free spirit. She believes in empowering others to ditch the stress, expectations, judgements and doubts to live the happy, positive life they were meant to. She uses tools she has learnt from all over the world to create unique and personalized plans that suit her clients best and her motto is "do what works for YOU"!

What's included?

3 Videos
1 Text
3 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Week 2 - Letting go of Tension
Week 3 - Letting go of Thoughts

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